Faculty Research Areas

Students are encouraged to contact faculty affiliated with the Ph.D. in Behavioral & Community Sciences to discuss opportunities for working with the faculty member as a research mentor.

Jason Anthony, Ph.D., Ed.S.

Dr. Jason Anthony
Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology; Ed.S. in School Psychology
Research Areas: Language and Literacy Development; Early Childhood Education Policy and Evaluation; School Readiness Assessment

Dr. Mary Armstrong
Ph.D. in Social Work
Research Area: Child Welfare Systems and Services

Dr. Tim Boaz
Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology
Research Area: Evaluation of Public Mental Health Programs/Policy

Dr. Roger Boothroyd
Ph.D. in Educational Psychology & Statistics
Research Area: Mental Health Services Research



Maria Carlo,Ph.D.

Dr. Maria Carlo
Ph.D. in Psychology

Dr. Chih-Chin Chou
Ph.D. in Rehabilitation Psychology
Research Area: Psychiatric Rehabilitation



Annette Christy, PhD

Dr. Annette Christy
Ph.D. in Applied/Experimental Psychology
Research Areas: Involuntary care, Justice system diversions for people with behavioral health disorders, Process of using external data/large data sets, Program evaluation

Dr. Donna Cohen
Ph.D. in Psychology/Adult Development
Research Area: Families, Aging, and Chronic Illness

Dr. Kyaien Conner
Ph.D. in Social Work
Research Area: Culturally Relevant Mental Health Services

Dr. David Chiriboga
Ph.D. in Human Development
Research Area: Mental and Physical Health Disparities

Dr. Christina Dillahunt-Aspillaga
Ph.D. in Rehabilitation Science
Research Area: Reintegration of Veterans with TBI



Matthew Foster, PhD

Dr. Matthew Foster
Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology
Research Area: Early Mathematics Intervention, Measurement and Evaluation, Developmental Disabilities and Special Education

Dr. Lise Fox
Ph.D. in Special Education
Research Area: Positive Behavior Interventions and Support

Dr. Heather Peshak George
Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction/Special Instruction
Research Area: Positive Behavior Support, School-wide Discipline Systems-level

Dr. Howard Goldstein
Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology
Research Area: Early Language and Literacy Intervention, Developmental Disabilities, Multi-Tiered System of Supports

Dr. Amber Gum Clinical Psychology
Research Area: Mental Health Services for Older Adults



Holly Hills, PhD

Dr. Holly Hills
Ph.D. in Clinical and Health Psychology
Research Areas: Women and their children in contact with the justice system, Trauma Informed Care / PTSD, Structured interviewing and assessment, Substance use disorder, Re-entry from jails and prison

Dr. Rose Iovannone
Ph.D. in Educational Psychology
Research Area: Functional behavior assessment and individualized behavior supports, Autism spectrum disorder and evidence based practices, Tier 3 behavior systems


Nev Jones, PhD

Dr. Nev Jones
Ph.D. in Community Psychology
Early intervention in psychosis, youth/young adult mental health, structural competency, sociocultural determinants of disability and recovery

Dr. Tammy Jorgensen-Smith
Ph.D. in Counselor Education/Rehabilitation
Research Areas: Inclusion and Supportive Services; Employment and Education

Dr. Don Kincaid
Ph.D. in Educational Psychology
Research Area: Positive Behavior Support



Dr Kristin Kosyluk

Dr. Kristin Kosyluk
Ph.D. in Rehabilitation Counseling Education
Research Area: Mental illness and psychiatric disability, with a special interest in social justice issues and stigma.

Dr. Bruce Lubotsky Levin
Ph.D. in Health Services Research & Policy
Research Area: Behavioral Health Services Delivery, Policy, Informatics, Translational Research, Education, and Integration with Public Health.

Dr. Oliver Tom Massey
Ph.D. in Psychology
Research Area: Implementation Science in Behavioral Health and School Based Mental Health Services

Dr. Roxann McNeish
Ph.D. in Public Health
Research Area: Child and Adult Behavioral/Mental Health, Behavioral/Mental Health Disparities, Child Maltreatment

Dr. Kathleen Moore
Ph.D. in Social/Health Psychology
Research Area: Co-occurring Mental Health & Substance Use Disorders

Dr. Elizabeth Perkins
Ph.D. in Aging Studies
Research Areas: Aging with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities/Caregiver Quality of Life

Dr. Roger Peters
Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology
Research Areas: Substance abuse, co-occurring mental and substance use disorders, and behavioral health treatment, particularly in criminal justice settings

Dr. Khary Rigg
Ph.D. in Medical Sociology
Research Area: Drug prevention and treatment; Rx drug misuse; HIV prevention; Rural behavioral health; Harm reduction; Drug policy; Mixed-methods and qualitative research


Trina D. Spencer, Ph.D., BCBA-D

Dr. Trina Spencer
Ph.D. in Disability Disciplines
Research Area: Early language and literacy assessment and interventions; multi-tiered system of supports




Dr. Julianne Serovich
Ph.D. in Child and Family Development
Research Area: HIV Disclosure



Paul Stiles, PhD

Dr. Paul Stiles
Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology
Research Areas: State mental health policy, Geriatric mental health services and policy, Research ethics

Dr. Carla Stover
Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology
Research Areas: Family violence, child trauma, domestic violence/child maltreatment, substance abuse, intervention development, fathers

Dr. Marilyn Stern
Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology
Research Area: Overweight/Obese Children and Adolescents



Gregory Teague, PhD

Dr. Gregory Teague
Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and Public Practice
Research Areas: Fidelity to program models, esp. assertive community treatment, Involvement of persons with mental illnesses in the criminal justice system, Effectiveness of consumer-operated services, Performance measurement, Self-directed care, Consumer-provider relationships


M Scot Young, PhD

Dr. M. Scott Young
Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology
Research Areas: Coerced treatment of substance use disorders, Co-Occurring mental health and substance use disorders, Intrinsic and extrinsic motivational factors affecting substance abuse treatment participation and outcomes, Alternative case processing approaches for non-violent drug offenders, Drug policy, Program evaluation