Early Admission

Application Procedure

Early Admission Enrollment Overview:
As full time USF students, all Early Admission students are supported by an academic advisor and the learning resources available at the university.  They are Univeristy students and well on their way to completing a degree as long as they stay in good standing. 

USF Academic advisors together with their high school counselors / Homeschool Parent Administrators will guide Early Admission students to select courses that complete their high school graduation requirement as well as serving the course of study for their intended college major. Students take 4-5 courses per semester (12-15 credits). 

What Students Applying to Early Admission Must Do:

First, ensure you have the GPA and the required test scores for admission. For students looking to meet the March 15 deadline, the ACT - Residual is an applicable option. Tests are available Tuesdays & Thursdays at 9:30am through USF Testing Services. This is an in-person administration on the USF Tampa campus.

It is strongly recommended to take the test by March 9 to meet the March 15 deadline. Please note, while this is a full ACT, it is only valid at USF. Students should still take a traditional SAT or ACT.

1.      Second, before beginning the application process, students should carefully read all the information on this website.

2.      Students initiate the application process by completing the online USF “Degree Seeking” Application.  When completing this application they will select the Fall Semester of their high school senior year.

3.      The student will select a USF Campus closest to them and finally, the student will select the degree seeking option and will declare a degree for their college major.  

4.      Degree seeking applicants must establish residency by the same process as all applicants, please work with your parents or guardians when filling out the form. All applicants must fill out the RESIDENCY FORM. Fill out all 5 pages, as the state pays for early admission - dual enrollment courses and requires this for tuition. After filling out the Residency Form, applicants must EMAIL the form to the Office of the Registrar at registration@usf.edu  (COMMON MISTAKE regarding the Driver’s License – put the ISSUE date NOT the renewal date of the Driver’s License).  Click here for residency form.

5.      Students must comply with the USF Immunization Policy 33-002.
Additional information regarding USF Health and Immunization, including instructions on how to submit information online, can be found on the Student Health Services website. Students can submit their health records here: Submit health records or Students can scan the Immunization records and any supporting documents as one pdf file to immunization@usf.edu

6.      Within 48-72 hours after submitting a complete and qualifying application, students will use their email or an assigned USF number (U#) to set up a USF NetID (email) and they will be assigned to an academic advisor.  If the student has already established a NetID (email) and has a U#, then the student may skip this step but should seek out the assigned advisor. NOTE: Students must set up their NetID and USF email immediately. USF communications will only be sent to their USF email account. Click here to set up an NetID/email: Activation of Student NetID

7.      Students will provide their counselor / homeschool parent administrator their USF U#. Parents / Students / Counselors or / administrators can submit the Early Admissions Approval Form Step 1 using the USF U#. This form is only completed one time.

8.      Students will then use OASIS found under MyUSF at the top right of the USF Homepage located under resources. This will allow students to look up courses they are considering for their first semester.  Students should record these desired courses and include: the course prefix and course number and the five (5) digit CRN# for each course so that their counselors/ homeschool parent administrators can submit Approval Form 2 Early Admissions so they can then register for these courses.  Click here for a tutorial on how to look up courses in OASIS.

What the School Counselor/Homeschool Parent Administrator Must Do:

1.      The school Counselor/ Homeschool Parent Administrator submits the Early Admission Approval Form Step 2.  Submission is after confirming that the U# is provided, and verifying that the student’s standardized test score and GPA meet the requirements for Early Admission, and asserting the student’s overall readiness for academic success in college-level courses. Residency and Immunization will need to be confirmed as policy. This Approval Form-Step 2 is submitted for planning purposes for fall semester and spring semester that will list the remaining courses that are required for high school graduation. This approval form ensures that the student is not taking random courses but courses needed for high school graduation as well as for the major degree of study.

2.      Only Homeschool Administrators/Parents are required to fill out the transcript form. Click here for the form, and then submit the completed form via email to:  registration@usf.edu. Please include the student U# in the subject line of the email.

3.      Remind or assist High School Students to request their high school transcripts be sent to USF from their school district, charter school, or their private school.  They can do this by following the directions sent to them in the welcome letter email or speaking with their assigned USF academic advisor located at the bottom of their welcome email.

4.      After meeting and conferring with the student, the school Counselor/ Homeschool Parent Administrator submits a required list of courses with a desired modality for fall courses. There must be a 5 digit CRN# for USF online and USF Campus courses.  For semester course planning, the course selections are verified for availability by the school Counselor/Homeschool Parent Administrator with the student using the Staff Schedule Search. This step is needed for USF online or USF Campus courses offered in the upcoming semester. The school Counselor/Homeschool Parent Administrator will then submit the Early Admissions Approval Form Step 2 once completed. For a full inventory of USF courses, with prerequisites noted click here. 

5.      Remind Students to follow the directions on the admissions application and their welcome email to submit test scores for verification.  Or have their school district / charter school / private school send their test scores for verification to the USF Early University Programs office: dualenrollment@usf.edu.

6.      Remind students to take the Canvas tutorial / orientation once they have access to the Learning Platform. This is found under MyUSF on the homepage under learning.

7.      Remind Students to log into Canvas the day of the first course meeting to ensure the course is available in Canvas. They must post something on the discussion board such as Hello! to be counted for attendance. If not available, the student must be added to the course. After Drop/Add week, students cannot be added or dropped from registered courses without penalty and it is the student’s responsibility to check their courses.

8.      Remind students that they can also log into Canvas one week prior to the course to ensure the course is available but this will not count toward attendance.

Students and Course Registration:

1.      Once Early Admissions - Approval Form 2 has been submitted.  Students should meet with their USF advisor (assigned advisors are found at the bottom of the welcome letter email) for course registration and procedures.  Students will be able to register themselves for courses, however they should not take courses that are not approved.  Taking courses that are not approved could jeopardize the student’s high school graduation requirements. Click here for tutorial for registering for courses. (PDF) or Video Tutorial on using OASIS for registration.

2.      The student will be notified after registration has been completed through their USF email.

3.      Students must log into Canvas the day of the first course meeting to ensure the course is available in Canvas and they are not dropped from the course.  If not available, the student must be added to the course.  After Drop/Add week, students cannot be added or dropped from registered courses without penalty and it is the student’s responsibility to check their courses.