Early Admission

Requirements and Deadlines

Please Note:

           Due dates are subject to change: The University reserves the right to close                                      applications for Early Admissions before the due dates                                                                                 based on reaching maximum capacity. 

          Students (High School Juniors) who are considering Early Admissions should                                          apply as soon as they have made the decision to attend.

Early Admissions Requirements

  • School Districts, Charter Schools, Private Schools and Homeschooled Administrators (Guardian) must have a Articulation Agreement. 
  • Have senior standing (have senior status) at the start of fall semester
  • Have a minimum high school unweighted GPA of 3.8 
  • Have minimum scores on one of the following tests:   
    • SAT: 1300, with at least 580 in Critical Reading
    • ACT: 29, with at least 29 in English
  • Submit a complete USF Application for Admission online as a degree seeking student
  • Submit a complete Application to EUP Dual Enrollment using Early Admissions Approval Form 1
  • Submit by a school counselor / Homeschool Parent Administrator an Early Admission Approval Form 2 listing the applicant’s remaining credits required for high school graduation one for Fall and one for Spring. 
    • Confirming to the applicant’s readiness of success at college-level of instruction to include two years of foreign language on the high school transcript.
    • Ensure USF receives transcripts (unofficial are fine until high school graduation).
    • Official tests scores must be sent to USF from the testing company.  On the test application, request scores be sent to USF using 5828 as the school code for the SAT and 0761 for the ACT. It usually takes 3-5 weeks for test results to arrive.
    • Students are encouraged send unofficial transcripts and test scores to dualenrollment@usf.edu while waiting.
  • VITAL: Students must sign up for ORIENTATION on their selected USF Campus after being accepted to be able to register and attend as a student.  This is mandatory.  You must make a reservation for your campus.
  • ONCE ACCEPTED: You must check your USF email regularly, and work with your assigned USF academic advisor.

Deadlines for Early Admission

The timeline for early admission applications matches that of regular First Time In College (FTIC) students. Full schedule of deadlines.

In Brief:

  • Student submits a completed Early Admissions application by March 1st
  • All transcripts and admission documents must be received by March 1st
  • Student submits Judy Genshaft Honors College Application and online application: by March 1 of their Junior Year. Follow the JGHC timeline (additional application process).
  • All USF Partners request Articulation Agreements: by May 15th to support upcoming Junior status students applying in the Fall for Early Admissions-Dual Enrollment during their Senior Year.
  • Only Homeschool Administrators / Parents must also submit proof of homeschool registration in a school distrcit or provide a PEP award to dualenrollment@usf.edu. (Provide letter from the district, confirmation of registration or Award Letter)