Faculty Affiliates

Qualitative Affiliate Faculty Members and Areas of Expertise

Agosto, Vonzell - Narrative inquiry, critical approaches to qualitative research

Berson, Ilene - Visual research methods, participatory methodologies 

Berson, Michael - Visual research methods, participatory methodologies

Black, William - Critical policy analysis, policy ethnography

Blank, Jolyn - Case study research, observational methods, analyzing talk

Braun, Alisha - Discourse analysis, policy analysis, interviews

Braunstein, Lauren - Ethnography of communication, critical approaches to qualitative research

Denton, Michael - Narrative and arts-based inquiry, participant observation & critical approaches

Dunn, Mandie - Phenomenology, discourse analysis

Feldman, Allan - Action research, self-study, mixed methods 

Jones, Phyllis - Participatory/inclusive research,interviewing, analysis of artifacts 

King, James - Queer and critical approaches to qualitative research 

Panos, Alexandra - Critical ethnography, qualitative spatial analysis, discourse analysis

Richards, Janet - Arts-based research, writing-up qualitative research, poetry, narrative and auto-ethnography 

Schneider, Jennifer - Performance and performative approaches to research

Sherry, Michael - English Education