Clinical Education

Field Experiences

All students in the College of Education's educator preparation programs participate in field experiences to spend time in local classrooms as part of their educational experiences at USF. Time spent in the field prepares students for the dynamic educational environments they can expect to encounter as professional educators.

In addition to the practicum and internships included as part of a student's degree program, below are some of the additional field experiences College of Education students can participate in. 

SunCoast Area Teacher Training Honors Program

SunCoast Area Teacher Training Honors Program | USF College of Education

The SunCoast Area Teacher Training Honors Program is designed to provide aspiring educators with opportunities outside of their coursework to develop the skills and leadership traits needed to become a highly-effective teacher. Members engage in activities that encompass the program's four pillars: professional development, leadership, community engagement & service, and inquiry.  

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tutor-a-bull program

Tutor a Bull

The Tutor-a-Bull program strives to increase motivation for learning by providing academic support to struggling middle and high school students in Hillsborough County. USF education majors serve as paid Tutor-A-Bull tutors who regularly work with middle school students in Hillsborough County Public Schools to provide a more individualized learning experience.

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ESOL Field Experience

Students with Globe

Many of our graduates will satisfy requirements toward eligibility of an English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). One of the requirements for the ESOL endorsement is the ESOL Late Field Experience.

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