Clinical Education

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Final Internship?

The final internship is one of the last steps in your program for becoming a teacher. It provides an extended hands-on experience in a classroom setting.

Who is eligible for internship?

College of Education majors who apply by the deadline (Internship Event Schedule) and meet eligibility criteria of their programs. Consult with your advisor for program completion requirements.

How long is Final Internship?

Internship is at minimum one full semester.

How many days a week do I have to teach, and how long am I required to be in the classroom?

Internship is Monday through Friday, and an intern is required to follow the same schedule as his/her assigned teacher.

When do I apply for internship?

Applications are due in January for Fall internships and June for Spring internships. Application forms are available in November for Fall internships and in April for the following Spring Internships.

When do I find out where I have been placed?

Placement information is sent approximately one month prior to the beginning of internship; however, the College of Education depends on each county to provide the placement information.

In which counties may I choose to intern?

Your internship placement will depend on your program. Contact your Program Coordinator regarding the approved counties.

What if I want to intern in a non-public school?

The non-public school must meet accreditation requirements and adhere to the Sunshine State curriculum guidelines. The teacher must be certified in the same field as the intern's degree program. The teacher must also have at least three years teaching experience and have taken a clinical training course. The decision will be made by your Program Coordinator in conjunction with the Director of Field and Clinical Education. Please contact your Program Coordinator with any questions.

May I intern at a school I have attended or have family attending or employed?

No, interns may not intern at a school where they have attended or have family attending or employed. This can create a conflict of interest where the role of the intern may be compromised.

May I request placement at a particular public school?

No, placements are made by the school district in partnership with your Program Coordinator. School districts have asked that we not have the interns call and make special requests. Interns should not contact districts or make special requests.

What if I have transportation or other concerns?

There is a special place for information regarding extenuating circumstances in the application packet. School Districts will consider that information, if at all possible.