Clinical Education

Resources for Collaborating Teachers

Because the USF College of Education believes in situating the learning of our teacher candidates in the context of real schools and real teachers, we rely heavily on our collaborating teachers, professional practice partners, and clinical instructors to provide authentic teaching and learning experiences for our students.

Thank you for your interest and hard work in mentoring the next generation of educators. We could not do our work without you.


We are looking for the highest caliber collaborating teachers to host and support our teacher candidates in the field to produce the highest caliber next generation of educators possible.

Below are minimum criteria for hosting a final USF intern in your classroom:

  • Three or more years successful teaching experience
  • Certification in the area the intern is pursuing (i.e., English 6-12 certification for an English Education major pursuing English 6-12 certification)
  • Completion of Clinical Educator Training
  • Principal recommendation as effective or highly effective
  • A desire to mentor adult learners and some understanding of Adult Learning Theory
  • Additional criteria may be desired from specific preparation programs

If you are interested in becoming a collaborating teacher, reach out to your district professional development or human resources office, or contact the Director of Clinical Education for more information.

Clinical Educator Training

USF offers Clinical Educator Training online each summer. Visit the David C. Anchin Center's website to learn more.


Collaborating teachers may request a tuition waiver for supervising pre-interns (a student who is engaged in required early field experience prior to their final internship) and/or final interns (a student who is enrolled in their final internship).

Tuition waiver request forms are attached below. Please note two different forms, one for pre-interns and one for final interns.

Collaborating teachers should submit tuition waiver requests at least three (3) weeks prior to the first day of the semester in which they plan to use the waiver. Please visit the USF academic calendar for information on semester start dates.


Each program will provide resources to collaborating teachers hosting interns for their specific program. The College of Education Final Internship Handbook provides an overview of internships with some information specific to your role. Other resources available to you may include:

  • Program-specific handbooks, guidelines, syllabi
  • Information on this website
  • Updates to your Clinical Educator Training and other professional development
  • Access to a Canvas course with documents and resources
  • Assignment of a university supervisor to support you and your intern (for most programs)
  • Program coordinators