Accelerated Graduate Program

Accelerated Graduate Program (BSME-MSME)

*NOTE: Only those following the 128-credit BSME Degree are elgible to apply for the Accelerated Graduate Program. Students following the 120-credit catalogues are not eligible.

The Accelerated Graduate Program allows superior students to earn, upon completion of all requirements for each degree, both a bachelor's and a master's degree. The Accelerated Graduate Program allows students to apply two graduate level courses (6 credits) toward both bachelor's and master's degrees thereby reducing the time it would normally take to earn the degrees sequentially. The two graduate level courses will be applied to the two technical elective courses required to earn the bachelor's degree. Students can earn their bachelor's degree as soon as all undergraduate degree requirements are met; they then have the opportunity to progress on to the master's. Students must have a minimum 3.33 overall and 3.5 specialization GPA at time of admission to the program.