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Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies, Joint Special Operations University 

• Irregular Warfare
• Pacific War 1931-45
• Military History, Theory and Doctrine
• Asia-Pacific

Robert Burrell is an Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies at Joint Special Operations University with several years of adult learning and teaching experience at the graduate and undergraduate levels. His area of expertise and scholarship includes international diplomacy and human intelligence, as well as military history, theory, and doctrine.

Prior to his current position, Robert taught history at the U.S. Naval Academy. Additionally, he served as the former editor-in-chief of special operations doctrine. As a retired Marine with combat experience, Robert is recognized as an Asia-Pacific expert, having lived and worked in Japan, Korea, Philippines, and Thailand for 12 years. He also completed a diplomatic tour at the U.S. Embassy in Australia. Notably, Robert is a U.S. Marine Corps combat veteran.

The Ghosts of Iwo Jima
Texas A&M Press

Crucibles: Selected Readings in US Marine Corps 
HistoryAcademx Publishing

"A Full Spectrum of Conflict Design: How Doctrine Should Embrace Irregular Warfare” 
Irregular Warfare Initiative

"The American Way of Counterinsurgency: Lessons for Great Power Competition" 
Small Wars Journal

“How to Integrate Competition and Irregular Warfare” 
Modern Warfare Institute, 5 August 2021” Modern Warfare Institute

Website: robertburrell.com
Linkedin: @in/Robert-burrell

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