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GNSI Celebrates Anniversary Following Memorable First 12 Months

The Global and National Security Institute (GNSI) at the University of South Florida (USF) is marking its one-year anniversary after pursuing an exciting and memorable first year. In just 12 months, GNSI made tremendous strides in living up to its mission to provide actionable solutions to 21st-century challenges operating at the boundary of technology and policy.

To commemorate this milestone, GNSI released a special video featuring congratulatory messages from people across the USF spectrum. Those messages came from Regional Chancellors Dr. Karen Holbrook and Christian Hardigree, as well as Dr. Charles Lockwood, Vice President of USF Health, new USF Provost, Dr. Prasant Mohapatra and Senior Vice President of University Community Partnerships, Dr. Eric Eisenberg. Watch the GNSI 1st Anniversary Video

USF President, Rhea Law also expressed her appreciation for the institute's achievements and its dedication to advancing global and national security. 
USF President Rhea Law Quote on GNSI First Anniversary

During its inaugural year, the high-performance GNSI team achieved several notable accomplishments:

Production of Three Major Conferences

Community Engagement and Public Outreach: GNSI Speaker Series videos

To engage a wider audience, GNSI launched the GNSI Speaker Series, featuring prominent experts in a variety of industries. One captivating conversation in the series featured Dr. Chase Sova, Senior Leader at the United Nations’ World Food Program USA, shedding light on the critical issue of the weaponization of hunger.

Exceptional Leadership: Great Power Competition

GNSI assumed a leadership role in the Great Power Competition Conference series, facilitating important discussions on global security dynamics in the nation's premier ongoing conference on the Great Power Competition.

Delivered Decisions Briefs & Conference Reports

GNSI's research outputs have made a significant impact, producing Decision Briefs and Conference Reports on pressing security challenges. These include China's Energy Insecurity, Long-Lasting Peace in the Russia-Ukraine War, and Hunger as a Weapon. The ideas presented in these reports have provided valuable insights to lawmakers while contributing to the body of knowledge in the field.

As the Global and National Security Institute celebrates its first anniversary, the schedule shows no sign of slowing down, as the group continues to build upon its success and expand its voice and influence. The institute remains dedicated to its mission of providing actionable solutions, fostering collaborations, and becoming an internationally recognized leader on global and national security challenges.

Watch the GNSI 1st Anniversary Video

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