9th Great Power Competition Conference

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The next event in the ongoing Great Power Competition Conference Series  is scheduled for March 5-7, 2024, as part of the GNSI Tampa Summit.  GPC9: Artificial Intelligence in the Era of Strategic Competition will be the theme for this premier, 3-day event. More information.

The Premier Ongoing Conference Series
      on the Great Power Competition

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The Great Power Competition Conference is the marquee event in the GNSI Tampa Summit, presented in partnership with the USF College of Arts and Sciences, and U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM). The GPC is one of the nation's premier ongoing conferences focused on the Great Power Competition. 

Once a central point of competition in the 19th Century "Great Game" between the Russian and British Empires, with Afghanistan as the "pull-and-tug" buffer zone, the Greater Central and South Asia regions have once again become the theater for a Great Power Competition for influences, resources, and interests with the new actors involving the Global Powers: the United States, China, and Russia along with the Regional Powers: Iran, Iraq, India, Pakistan, Turkey, and the Central Asia and Arab countries.  Read more...

The Great Power Comeptition Series provides military and civilian policy-makers and thought leaders a broader understanding of the various national security challenges facing the United States in the 21st Century from near-peer global powers, i.e., China and Russia, as well as regional powers, such as Iran and North Korea, through a forum that brings together strategic thinkers, scholars, leaders, and subject matter experts. They explore diverse perspectives on the most pressing issues for U.S. national security at the tactical, strategic, and policy levels.

Crowd at GPC6


General Kurilla speaking at GPC6


Dr. Adib Farhadi speaking at GPC6


This is the fifth year of the GPC Series, which has tackled such topics as:
• Radicalization in the Central Region and around the globe
• the COVID pandemic
• Cybersecurity
• the lead up to 9/11 and how U.S. policies changed in the wake those attacks
• the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Some of the luminaries who've spoken at previous GPC events:

Michael Chertoff, former Head of Secretaryof Homeland Security

Michael Chertoff

General Richad Clarke

General Richard Clarke

General (Ret) Frank McKenzie

General (Ret) Frank McKenzie

Ambassador Ryan Crocker

Ryan Crocker

Michéle Flournoy, former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy

Michéle Flournoy

Joseph Liegberman, former Senator

Senator Joe Lieberman

General Michael E. Kurilla

General Michael E. Kurilla

Vice Admiral (Ret) Michael McConnell

Vice Admiral (Ret) Michael McConnell

Lieutenant General (Ret) H.R. McMaster

Lieutenant General (Ret) H.R. McMaster

General Paul Nakasone

General Paul Nakasone

General David Petraeus

General David Petraeus

Senator Marco Rubio (FL) Photograph

Senator (FL) Marco Rubio

Dr. Stefanie Tomkins

Dr. Stefanie Tompkins

Mark Warner, former Senator

Senator (VA) Mark Warner

For more information about previous GPC Conference, please visit the GPC Archives.