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USF researchers secure $1.5 million federal grant to improve water quality and reduce runoff into Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico

USF researchers secure $1.5 million federal grant to improve water quality and reduce runoff into Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico

An interdisciplinary team of researchers will install novel bio-infiltration systems around Aaran’s Pond to reduce harmful runoff water from contaminating the pond and cascading into the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay.

September 20, 2023Research and Innovation

A 10-year-old student harvest squash from a gardening workshop at the Academy Prep Center for Education in St. Petersburg

USF anthropologists improve access to fresh produce by teaching local K-12 students how to grow it themselves

Pinellas County fifth-graders are participating in the 15th Street Farm-Nutritional Education Program, a new, USF-led initiative that brings gardening to local schools and communities.

April 3, 2023University News

Aerial view of a Swahili civilization burial site

USF researcher’s life work uncovers the first ancient DNA from the Swahili Civilization

This research brings peace and restores pride to the millions of people who identify as Swahili by overturning false narratives and providing clarity to Swahili heritage.

March 29, 2023Research and Innovation

Safety Harbor Tocobaga location

USF anthropologists begin transfer of ancient ancestors to Native American tribes

The University of South Florida Department of Anthropology has begun the final steps in a long process to return the ancient ancestors of Native Americans, previously used for research, to the Seminole Tribe of Florida.

October 10, 2022Research and Innovation

Dillon Mahoney, associate professor in the Department of Anthropology, surveys recipients about their vaccine experience.

USF anthropologists facilitate COVID-19 vaccinations for Tampa’s refugee and immigrant populations

After years of research with refugee and immigrant communities, USF anthropologists are now pivoting their efforts to ensure that Tampa’s hard-to-reach populations have access to free COVID-19 vaccinations.

July 7, 2021COVID-19, University News

The first cohort of students in the Environmental Workforce Development and Job Training program

New EPA-funded program at USF helps Tampa residents secure careers in the environmental sector

The first cohort of participants to enroll in the Environmental Workforce Development and Job Training program has graduated with valuable training and certifications in workplace safety and hazardous waste cleanup. The program is a collaboration between the USF Center for Brownfields Research & Redevelopment and the Corporation to Develop Communities of Tampa.

May 14, 2021University News

USF researcher John Arthur working in the field

Tooth plaque from ancient skeleton offers new insight into human evolution

Fossilized plaque scraped from the teeth of a 4,500-year-old skeleton discovered by University of South Florida professors is helping to unlock the secrets of what ancient humans ate and how our species evolved.

May 10, 2021Research and Innovation

Sunset in St. Petersburg

Acknowledging the people who came before

The USF St. Petersburg campus is collaborating with Native American nations and community partners to shine a spotlight on forgotten history. By acknowledging those who came before, honoring their cultures and establishing partnerships with Indigenous communities still present in Florida, the campus is remembering a prosperous and painful history while building bridges for future opportunity.

April 7, 2021University News

Archaeologists from USF/FPAN and Cardno work on excavating grave shafts at the North Greenwood cemetery

USF-based archaeologists help uncover lost African American cemetery in Clearwater

More than two dozen grave shafts have been discovered at a lost, but not forgotten African American cemetery in Clearwater. Among the team of researchers who took part in the effort are USF-based archaeologists helping to give a community the chance to memorialize those still at rest under layers of dirt, time and development.

February 25, 2021Research and Innovation

Coral reef growths in the Gulf of Mexico

USF doctoral students combining engineering and anthropology to inform Florida’s Coral Reef restoration and monitoring

More than 300 miles of coral reefs stretch across Florida’s Atlantic coast. While this marine habitat is home to hundreds of aquatic species and plays an important role in the state’s economy, it is also in danger of disappearing. But a new project from a team of University of South Florida doctoral students is taking an interdisciplinary approach to protect and restore these vital habitats.

February 10, 2021Research and Innovation

A graphic showing an aerial view of USF with the Department of Anthropology logo over top

USF anthropologists work to strengthen relationships with Indigenous communities

University of South Florida anthropologists are taking a critical look at the past in an effort to build and strengthen future relationships with Indigenous communities in Florida and across the country.

January 20, 2021Research and Innovation, University News

Erin Kimmerle, associate professor of forensic anthropology, assists a body exhumation at the Rest Haven Cemetery in Tampa.

USF forensic anthropologist leads renewed effort to help solve Hillsborough County cold case homicides

Erin Kimmerle, associate professor of forensic anthropology and executive director of the Florida Institute for Forensic Anthropology and Applied Science at USF, is collaborating with the Hillsborough County Sheriff and Medical Examiner’s offices to help solve several cold case homicides.

November 17, 2020University News

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