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Banner, BDM & Degree Works Access Request

OASIS Banner (Banner) is USF’s Online Access Student Information System (SIS) used by staff and faculty for managing admissions, accounts receivable/billing, financial aid, registration, student records and degrees awarded. The various modules are integrated seamless to provide effective student records management. Banner access is deemed compulsory for some USF staff and faculty to fulfill their job functions and business processes. 
Banner access requires an understanding of  Student Privacy Rights as protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and completion of USF’s OASIS FERPA Tutorial. 

How to access USF's OASIS FERPA Tutorial?

  1. Access MyUSF
  2. Nagivate to GEMS 
  3. Learning and Development
  4. Request Training Enrollment  
  5. Search by Course Name
  6. OASIS FERPA Tutorial

USF employees are responsible for distinguishing between public, directory and confidential information. For guidance, see USF Policy 2.0021 Student Records and USF Policy 0-106 Public Records Law Compliance and Record Confidentiality. Confidential information regarding students or staff cannot be released in any personally identifiable format without permission of the individual. Individual directory information may be released unless a student has requested to keep their information confidential. Any public information may be displayed in either individual or aggregated format. 

A job change, including position or departmental moves, will result in original access being ended and requires a new access request form to be submitted for the new job-related access needs.
The steps for obtaining new access or a change to existing Banner (OASIS) access are outlined below: 

Step 1 Complete the OASIS FERPA Tutorial. Once completed, you must select "Summary & Next Steps" in Canvas to receive a confirmation email that includes the Provision Request.
Step 2 Initiate a Banner, BDM and Degree Works Provision Request through the DocuSign process, which you will be provided in a confirmation email received upon completion of the OASIS FERPA Tutorial.
Step 3 The Docusign request will be sent to your supervisor as indicated in your request. Your supervisor will request each role that you need and provide a brief description why each role is needed.
Step 4 The Docusign request routes to each Primary Product Owner (PPO) to review, and then deny or approve with role assignment. Once each applicable PPO approves (they are provided two business days), your request is routed to IT Security to add the roles to your Banner profile (they are also provided two business days). You can track the status of your request in Docusign.
Step 5 Once IT Security and/or BDM PPOs have signed, log into Banner by visiting MyUSF  (log on with NetID and password). Navigate to Business Systems → OASIS (Staff).

If a request for new or updated access if being requested, and the training(s) required for that access point have been taken over a year prior to the date of the request, the user may be instructed to retake the training(s) to remain in compliance for auditing purposes. The Office of the Registrar reserves the right to require a user to retake the FERPA Tutorial and/or other required training modules as part of an access request if deemed appropriate.

For issues related to logging into Banner or current access, please contact Information Technology at EISSecurity@usf.edu for assistance.