Excess Hours

Excess Hours

excess hours

The Excess Credit Hour Surcharge is a state mandated fee that requires universities to add a surcharge to each credit hour that is more than 110% of hours needed for completion of your degree or 132 hours for 120 credit hour degree programs.

Excess Credit Hour Surcharge = 100% more tuition per credit hour.


Track your credit hours using the Excess Hours Counter.

Review the courses that may be exempted under the law.  Most registered credits do count for the surcharge.

Consult with your academic advisor before registering for any electives

Meet regularly with your academic advisor.


Wait to declare a major.

Add a minor without talking to your academic advisor, as minors can lead to excess hours.

Change majors without talking to your academic advisor. Remember that all credits earned while a student at USF will count towards excess hours.

Withdraw from courses after drop/add without consulting your academic advisor, as the credits may count towards excess hours.


Graduate on time and avoid paying more for your degree than you have to by tracking your credit hours, following your four-year degree plan and meeting regularly with your advisor.