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January 2024

Student Staff Spotlight - Matheus

november 2023


“I think the best part of working at the MSC is undeniably my incredible workmates, especially the sound and light crew. They're not just colleagues; they're mentors and friends who've played a vital role in my growth in every aspect."

“My favorite part of working at the MSC is being able to interact with people from so many different cultures and backgrounds. I have learned so much from everyone, from my higher-ups to my co-workers, which are amazing, and even from clients that we talk to each day."

“Working with the MSC team has been a huge part of my journey. Having been a part of the team for more than 2 years now, has helped me grow and learn a lot. I appreciate all my co-workers and supervisors as they are a big reason for making MSC a great place to work."

2023 Spring Semester

Jasmine - Events Crew

Gunjan - Bull Market
    Honorable Mention
    - Brandi O.
    - Tasin F.
    - Jaivin K.
    - Albina M. 
    - Maggie H.

Tireni - Building Manager
     Honorable Mention
     - Olivia M.
     - Bienna W.
     - Ronitta S.
     - Albina M.

Shruthi - Sound & Light
     Honorable Mention
     - Bienna W.
     - Deipey P.
     - Isaac C.
     - Sara L. 
     - Tasin F.