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Bull Brag

Bull Brag

Phyllis P. Marshall, the dedicated employee for whom the Marshall Student Center was named, was described as setting “a tone for the students that has lasted throughout the decades. She made a big university seem like a small, close-knit family.”

In this tradition, and as part of USF Week, the Marshall Student Center is excited to recognize students, faculty, or staff,  nominated by their peers, from all USF campuses who have gone above and beyond in serving their fellow USF family. 


Mallorie Ruiz | College of Arts & Sciences
“Mallorie has been a constant source of mental and emotional support for her classmates over the past year. She has experienced tragedies in her own life while exuding a cheerfulness that glows past her personal grief and touches every person around her.”


Lisa Adkins | College of Education
“Lisa was asked to perform the work of two and has done so with a smile on her face. Even through a long-term personal illness, she has gone above and beyond what is expected of her to support students, faculty, and program coordinators within the College of Education.”


Kyden Payne | College of Arts & Sciences
"Kyden is constantly looking for opportunities to give back to the USFcommunity. This past year, Kyden utilized his passion for Krav Maga and martial arts by offering free virtual self-defense seminars for students during Women's History Month."


Jessica Shaw | USF Health 
"Jessica is the definition of a true leader. She began working at USF just before the pandemic hit and has been instrumental in supporting her team.  Jessica also volunteered for a role that helped the merge of USF Health & Tampa General Hospital while offering unwavering commitment to her position, staff, and other departments."


Ally Kenney | College of Engineering
"Ally is an incredible leader and friend which shows through her compassion for others and dedication to the projects she leads. She is a constant source of inspiration amongst times of trial and tribulation. She constantly strives to help others identify their purpose and goals in life."