Student Life

Welcome Staircase

The students of the class of 2023 represent 97 different countries. The Welcome graphic on our atrium staircase includes many of the languages of these countries.*  Please see our list of  languages and translations


Albania Curacao Kazakhstan  Serbia
Angola Czech Republic Kuwait  South Africa
Argentina Dominica Lebanon  South Korea
Armenia Dominican Republic Lithuania  Spain
Australia Ecuador Malaysia Sri Lanka 
Azerbaijan Egypt Mali Sweden
Bahamas El Salvador Mexico Switzerland 
Bahrain Eritrea

Moldova, Republic   of

Syrian Arab Republic
Bangladesh Ethiopia Montenegro Taiwan, Republic of China 
Barbados Finland Morocco Thailand 
Belgium France Myanmar Trinidad and Tobago 
Belize Germany Nepal Turkey 
Bermuda Ghana Netherlands Uganda 
Bolivia Greece Nicaragua Ukraine 
Brazil Guyana Nigeria United Arab Emirates 
Bulgaria Haiti Oman United Kingdom 
Burkina Faso Honduras Pakistan United States
Cameroon India Panama


Canada Indonesia Paraguay Uzbekistan
Cayman Islands Iran (Islamic Republic of) Peru Venezuela
Chili Israel Poland Viet Nam
China Italy Qatar  Zimbabwe 
Colombia Jamaica Russian Federation   
Congo (Kinshasa) Japan

Saint Kitts and     Nevis

Croatia (Hrvatska) Jordan Saudi Arabia  

We recognize that some languages are missing and would appreciate any help you can provide to complete our list. Click here to submit a language along with the translation of the word, "Welcome!".

*The graphic is a represenation of the the incoming class of 2023, not of all students attending USF, as that number would be much larger.  If your country is not on the list above or if your language is not represented on the staircase, please feel free to submit the translation of your langauge so we may have it for possible use in the future. Thank you! 

Did we get something wrong? Please let us know