Student Life

MSC Student Employment



Bull Market Staff are responsible for planning and implementing the weekly market. Each staff member must provide excellent customer service to vendors, departments, and student organizations that attend the market. The main goal of the Bull Market Staff is to ensure that the market runs smoothly and is successful for the USF community. 

The Events Crew position consists of two sets of responsibilities: Set Up Crew and Event Staff. The Set Up Crew executes event setups/breakdowns and maintains furnishings for all
events that take place in the Marshall Student Center, outdoor amphitheater, Crescent Hill,
and MLK Plaza. Event Staff are responsible for overseeing all the needs for assigned events that take place in the Marshall Student Center. Event Staff must work with clients, focusing on customer service and supporting any last minute needs for the success of the client’s event. Members of the Events Crew are expected to work Set Up shifts and Event Staff shifts. 

The Front Office Assistant is the key to the MSC Administration Suite. Students in this position provide a positive first impression to clients and guests. The duties and responsibilities of the Front Office Assistant include but are not limited to screening and directing calls; preparing letters, faxes and other documents; receiving and sorting mail deliveries; and assisting with queries from the public and clients.

Information Desk Assistants serve as guest coordinators and are often the first point of contact for many visitors to the Marshall Student Center. Each assistant will provide information, directions, and general advice on University policies and procedures, with a strong focus on customer service. Desk Assistants are responsible for providing information about programs, services, and activities at the Marshall Student Center and on the University Campus. The Information Desk also serves as a point of radio communications with Marshall Student Center staff. 

The Social Media Coordinator manages the MSC's social media presence, promoting building amenities, services, events, and engaging with the student community. This role involves creating a captivating social media strategy, collaborating with the marketing team, and showcasing your creative skills by producing compelling content.This position is responsible for initiating strategies and tactics to grow student followers, engage and retain them, and keep them informed of the services, opportunities, and events available to them throughout the building. 

The Marketing Project Coordinator is a Federal Work Study (FWS) position and assists with a wide variety of communication and marketing projects for the Community Development & Student Engagement unit of the division of Student Success, of which the Marshall Student Center (MSC) is a part.  Specific tasks include reviewing incoming marketing project requests, monitoring and maintaining up to date websites and assisting with MSC specific programs and events. The Marketing Project Coordinator will work closely with the MSC/CDSE Marketing Officer in all aspects of this position.  

Sound & Light Technicians oversee all aspects of technology in the Marshall Student Center. The position is split into two parts: Standby Technicians and Event Technicians. Standby Technicians are on call for all events happening in the conference wing of the building. They are expected to respond and help clients with their sound, light, and AV needs. Event Technicians are scheduled to specific larger events. They will assist the client with sound, light, and AV needs before, during, and sometimes after their event. Each technician is expected to provide excellent customer service to all MSC clients. 

Student Building Managers are responsible for the effective operation of the Marshall Student Center and for coordinating the delivery of all services offered within the building. This key support staff manages all aspects of the Student Center operations and events, with a focus on customer service. Student Building Managers have full authority to solve problems and/or contact any Marshall Student Center administrator or manager in cases of emergency or uncertainty.

Student Custodians perform custodial maintenance duties including cleaning restrooms, restocking supplies, dusting, mopping, vacuuming, sweeping, cleaning spills, wiping down counters and handrails, and pulling trash.


  • Current USF student enrolled at the Tampa campus
  • Willingness to work between 12-15 hours per week (Additional Hours available during academic breaks)
  • The Marshall Student Center Operates 7 Days a week and needs staff coverage nights, weekends, & Winter/ Summer Breaks
  •  Some of the MSC student positions requires siting & standing for an extended period of time and an ability to lift up to 50lbs
  • It is preferred that applicants are able to work more than 1 semester 



Learning Outcomes

As a result of being employed in the Marshall Student Center, student employees will:

  • Demonstrate basic employability skills such as timeliness to work, appropriate dress, interpersonal communication, and time management.
  • Receive and solicit feedback from their supervisor and effectively apply that feedback on the job.
  • Assess the workplace and contribute personal talents, skills, and knowledge in order to achieve the goals, mission, and vision of the Marshall Student Center.
  • Develop their professional brand.
  • Articulate transferable and functional skills to prospective employers.
Bull Coin

One of the rewards of working in the Marshall Student Center is your ability to earn what we call “Bull Coin”, which is awarded to students who go over and above what is expected as an MSC student employee. Any Marshall Student Center supervisor, including student Building Managers, can nominate student employees for Bull Coin. Once you have acquired enough Bull Coin, you can redeem it for USF gear such as t-shirts, blankets, pullovers, tumblers, and more!


As of September 30, 2023 the starting pay rate for student employment positions within the Marshall Student Center is $12.00 per hour. However, positions requiring more skill may have a higher hourly pay rate.