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Mission & Vision

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The University of South Florida Marshall Student Center, in support of student success, is a vibrant gathering place that cultivates a sense of community through the facilities, services, and opportunities it provides.


To be the premier host for the USF Community by……..

  • Being innovative in our approach to all aspects of our operation and allowing for state of the art developments while being a leader in the union industry across higher education.
  • Forming collaborative partnerships in order to create cohesive services and offerings in our building and throughout campus and the Tampa community.
  • Placing an emphasis on diversity and inclusion through our programs and initiatives to create an enhanced sense of belonging.
  • Creating customer experiences that welcome and draw people in from across campus and the Tampa community and is recognized for its unique characteristics that reach beyond normal service standards.
  • Prioritizing and enhancing student development and learning in a way that maximizes our contribution to our student’s success.
  • Creation and refinement of consistent operational standards that allow us to be a leader in the union and service industries.
  • Internal and external communication that is effective, efficient, encourages growth and strengthens the community of our facility.