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SGEF Solar Panel Project

In 2017, the Marshall Student Center underwent a $1.3 million project to significantly increase its solar energy production—the largest project undertaken by the Student Green Energy Fund to date.

The installation of 1,075 solar panels to the third- and fourth-level roofs are in addition to a pre-existing 15kW system that was already installed on the Marshall Student Center roof and a 8.82 kW system on the center's amphitheater.

The additional panels will generate 525,000 kWh per year, the annual energy usage of 39 homes.  Click here to view the energy production

This project is just one step to help USF keep its commitment to sustainability, as outlined by former USF President Judy Genshaft, in the Climate Action Plan.

Read more about the project here.

John Pilz, a USF senior majoring in environmental science and policy, submitted the solar panel project to the Student Green Energy Fund after two years of work on the proposal. The picture below was taken on 5/16/17 during the installation of the solar panels.

"The solar proposal was a project designed — since I started on it two years ago — to really make a difference with the (SGEF). To do, what I believe, the (SGEF) was created for," Pilz, a senior majoring in environmental science and policy, said. "Which is to create green energy for USF and to make an impact with dollars that we have that one or two people can't just do alone."   

John Pilz






5.9.17 - Panels are currently being installed on the 3rd floor roof.  Installation on the 4th floor will begin in the coming weeks. 

Panel Installation 3rd floor







April 2017 

4.25.17 - The panels are being moved into position for final placement beginning in early May. 

Roof placement







4.19.17 - Cranes, trucks, and large machinery may block the north entrance over the next couple of days as work continues on the solar panel project. For your safety, be sure to follow the instructions of the signs and flaggers in this area.








March 2017 

The Marshall Student Center, in conjunction with USF Facilities, Planning & Construction and the Student Green Energy Fund is excited to announce our Solar Array Project. The project kicked-off on February 2, 2017 and included a review of the current roof conditions and a review of the construction drawings and completion of permits (all behind the scenes work). In the coming weeks, laydown of materials and coordination for deliveries will be made. Materials will be loaded to the roof and work will begin on Saturday, April 1st. Work is scheduled to be completed at the end of May. 2017. Upon completion, there will be an interactive digital screen showing the energy generated by the solar panels. The screen will be located in the MSC Atrium.

Project Overview
Sponsored by: Student Green Energy Fund
Construction Management Team: Manhattan Construction
Design and Installation: Solar Source
Completion: Summer 2017