University Conduct Board

Training & Hearings

Member Training

All members of the UCB are required to complete annual trainings. New members of the UCB will be required to complete the New Member Training prior to serving on hearings. This training is scheduled at the beginning of the semester and will incorporate all of the necessary tools and information to be a successful member.

Returning members of the UCB will be required to complete the Returning Member Training which is scheduled at the beginning of the semester as well.

Lunch and Learn Training Series

This training series provides members with the opportunity to learn in-depth information concerning specialized topics. Student Conduct and Ethical Development works with our campus partners in order to provide this training series throughout the course of the semester. The specialized topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  •  Mock Hearings,
  •  Creating Meaningful Learning Outcomes,
  •  Developing Educational Sanctions,
  •  Victimology,
  •  Effective Questioning and Listening,
  •  Understanding the Civility and Ethics Workshops,
  •  And more.

Three of the Lunch and Learn topics, Mock Hearings, Creating Meaningful Learning Outcomes, and Developing Educational Sanctions, are required for new members to complete prior to being eligible to serve on hearings.

Hearing Schedule

If selected to serve on the UCB, members will be forwarded a link to sign up for potential hearing dates and times. The available slots will be for the entire applicable semester which will allow members to schedule themselves when they are available.

There will be times when members are excused from serving when there are no hearings requested. When this occurs, it will be communicated to the members through USF email.

Student Conduct and Ethical Development encourages all eligible student, staff, and faculty members at the University to apply to serve on the UCB. If you have any questions prior to applying, please contact Melissa Graham, Assistant Dean/Director, at (813) 974-9443 or