Fees & Insurance

Student Health Fee

The USF Student Health & Wellness Center (SHWC) strives to deliver high-quality healthcare and education to USF students and offer a variety of medical services. We combine a wide range of medical, counseling, prevention, and wellness services to help students remain healthy and succeed academically.

What is the tuition health fee?

The health fee is included in the USF tuition – so if you are a registered student who has paid tuition, you've paid the fee. The student health fee helps support our services, keeping fees for general consultations and specialty care affordable. The health fee also provides registered students with free services from the Counseling CenterCenter for Student Well-being, and the Center for Victim Advocacy and Violence Prevention.

The health fee is not insurance. Insurance is not required to utilize the Student Health & Wellness Center (SHWC); however, medical insurance is recommended to assist with paying medical treatment off-campus, emergencies, travel, and for services not provided by our clinic.

What is not covered by the health fee?

At the Student Health Wellness Center and Student Health clinics, you can see a healthcare provider for general medical consultations and quality specialty services at student rates that are deeply discounted compared to community providers and clinics. Registered students can receive initial diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up care, and have reduced costs for general medical office visits or consultations. Reduced fees are charged for prescriptions, procedures, specialty services, medications, lab tests, medical supplies, immunization shots, and allergy injections. We send out labs to an independent facility, so any co-pay, co-insurance, or deductible for outside labs cannot be waived.

See the Fee Schedule for high-volume services; low-volume services are charged on a case-by-case basis.

How can I pay for reduced fees?

We can bill private insurance as some fees may be covered by your medical insurance; please check your policy. If insurance does not cover a fee, you do not have insurance, or you want to self-pay, fees can be paid by credit card, debit card, or put on your OASIS account. So students don't delay necessary medical treatment, charging to OASIS allows students to be seen when they need us and pay later. 

We understand that students may have limited financial resources and make every effort to keep additional charges affordable.