Referral Information

How Do I Make a Referral?

Referral Form Here

When making a referral, please be as descriptive as possible in the INFORMATION SECTION by providing specific examples of observed behavior, direct quotes, and attach any emails exchanges, concerning writings/assignments/posts, etc.

We have found that when you have a relationship with the student, it is helpful to let the student know that you plan to make a referral based on your concerns.  Let them know why you are concerned, and how you think our office can be helpful.  Remind them that the referral is designed to get them support and resources. 


"Thank you for telling me. I know this took a lot of courage and vulnerability. There is an office on campus, Student Outreach and Support, which helps students access success resources. I am going to make a referral and they will contact you. You may find it helpful to meet with them, talk with, and work with them to ensure you are getting the right support".