Success and Wellness Coaching

Coaching FAQs

Is coaching free?
Yes! Coaching is a free resource available to all USF students.

For how many sessions will I see my coach?
We recommend seeing your coach for between 3-5 sessions. However, you and your coach can work together to ensure you get the experience that works best for you.

Where are the sessions held?
You and your coach will decide!

How much time will I need to dedicate to coaching?
It depends on the wellness plan you and your coach create. The first session will take approximately 1 hour, while most others will only take about 30-minutes. Your coach may also assign you tasks to complete between sessions.

How do I sign-up for a session?
You may sign up for a session by visiting the 'Schedule a Coaching Session' tab  

I've already participated in coaching, but I have some new goals I would like to work on; can I still sign up?
Of course! As long as you still have holistic wellness goals, you can be a part of the program. To be connected with a coach, please visit the 'Schedule a Coaching Session' tab above.

Coaching isn't what I thought; can I back out of this commitment?
Yes! If you no longer wish to be a part of the program, please let you coach know. We ask that you complete this survey so we can improve the coaching experience. 

Is coaching a confidential resource on campus?
Coaching is a private resource on campus, meaning that whatever you share with your coach will be kept between the two of you. However, there are some things you coach may have to share with certain professionals on campus. But don't worry; your coach will go over this in detail during your initial session!

I'm having issues signing up; who should I contact about that?
If you experience issues signing up for a session, please email

I have general questions or concerns about Success and Wellness Coaching; who should I contact about that?
If you have any questions or concerns about the Success and Wellness Coaching program, please email