Success and Wellness Coaching

Success and Wellness Coaching

Map out a plan for your future with a USF Success and Wellness Coach, who will help you explore your strengths, find your motivation, and choose the right tools for success. Coaching is free to enrolled USF students. It’s short-term, action-oriented and helps you work toward any area of improvement: health, wellness, relationships, time management, etc. It is not counseling and does not involve a long-term commitment.

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sign up to reach your goals

Sign Up to Reach Your Goals 

Signing up for Success and Wellness Coaching is easy. Click HERE to fill out the intake form and schedule your first appointment.


Meet The Coaches

Our coaches are nationally certified and come to you with a variety of interests, experiences, and strengths—just like you!


More About Coaching 

Find the answers to all your coaching questions here.

what students are saying

What Students are Saying 

Read what your fellow Bulls are saying about Success and Wellness Coaching. 

what coaches are saying

Videos: What Coaches are Saying

Coaching could be a good fit for you. Find out what the coaches have to say in these videos. 

how well are you

How Well are You? 

Wellness is more than physical health. Wellness is about living up to your potential and living a full, well-rounded life. To find out how well you are click HERE