Success and Wellness Coaching

More About Coaching

Coaching is a personalized process that empowers you to work toward any area of improvement: health, wellness, relationships, time management, academics, etc. Coaching is designed for students to map out a plan for the future and meet with success. 

Coaching is:

  • Free 
  • Short-term
  • A private resource 
  • Available by phone, online, or on campus 
  • Flexible based off your schedule 

Coaching is not:

  • Critical 
  • A long-term commitment 
  • A diagnosis or treatment 


 During your Success and Wellness Coaching experience you can expect to: 

  • Receive non-judgmental and unbiased support from your coach as you move through your change and growth process
  • Learn more about yourself and your strengths, and how you can use them to support your wellness journey
  • Develop new skills to help you flourish and thrive here at USF and beyond
  • Challenge yourself (and be challenged by your coach!) to step outside your comfort zone and push past limits we often set for ourselves
  • Invest yourself and your time in order to get out as much as you can from coaching
  • Have fun!

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