How Well Are You?

Assess your Academic Wellness

Are you thriving in your academic life? Do you engage in creative and mentally challenging activities and look for ways to expand your horizons through cultural, artistic or new perspectives?

Read the following statements and answer to yourself how much each statement reflects you.

  1. I am curious and interested in the communities, as well as the world around me.
  2. I search for learning opportunities and stimulating mental activities.
  3. I manage my time well rather than it managing me.
  4. I enjoy brainstorming and sharing knowledge with others in group projects or tasks.
  5. I enjoy learning about subjects other than those I am required to study in my field of work.
  6. I seek opportunities to learn practical skills to help others.
  7. I can critically consider the opinions and information presented by others and provide constructive feedback.
  8. I attend class on a regular basis.
  9. I go to class prepared and ready to learn.
  10. I can identify on my own when my usual study techniques are not adequate.

If you answer “sometimes,” “rarely,” or “never” for any of the statements, there is room for improvement. You can check out these campus resources for help. 

I am interested in...


1. Academic Advising

Academic advisors can help you schedule your classes and help make sure you have met your requirements. Click below to schedule an appointment. 

2. Disputing My Grade

Do you feel as if you have been graded unfairly and your and your professor can't reach  a solution? The Ombuds Office hears your concerns and guides you through options.

3. Getting Better Grades

Do YOU want better grades? Of course! Getting good grades is what every student should strive for. Here are some resources to help.

4. Improving Study Habits

Do you feel confident going into a test but  still perform  poorly? If so, you might need help in test preparation. Learn helpful study tips below.

5. Library Resources

The USF Tampa Library offers  great services and resources such as study rooms, workshops, and equipment checkouts. To see all of the resources, visit the library website below.

6. The Academic Calendar

If you would like to see relevant academic dates, click below.

7. The Different Colleges At USF

If you want more information about a department at USF, please select from the list below.

8. Academic Goal Setting

Do you have short- or long-term academic goals that you'd like to reach? Do you feel unsure about how to establish of maintain behaviors that help you reach those goals? Work with the USF Academic Success to help you achieve your academic goals!

 Self-Assessment provided by:

Princeton UMatter Initiative. (2016). Princeton UMatter Wellness Self-Assessment. Retrieved from