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Study Skills Strategies

Time Management

Effectively managing one’s time is an essential component of academic success. Doing so ensures projects are completed, deadlines are met, and appointments are kept. Establishing a semester, weekly, and daily plan will promote academic success and reduce stress. The "Intense Study Session" is also a great strategy for effectively utilizing time.

Note Taking

Note taking and reviewing those notes is pivotal to academic success. It is often not enough to rely on PowerPoints provided by the instructor; rather, students must record information that will be meaningful to them. While note taking is a personal process, the resources below provide some examples of effective note taking practices that many students find helpful.

Test Taking

Test taking can be a stressful and anxious experience. The resources provided in this section can help you devise a plan while taking a test and also help you reduce your anxiety.

Reading Strategies

Reading a text is very different from reading your favorite novel. These strategies will help you read for better comprehension and prevent you from re-reading the same passage multiple times.


Putting assignments off until the last minute often creates undue stress and prevents you from performing to your fullest potential. Try these strategies to reduce your procrastination and perform at a higher level.