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 Question and Answers

Q: How do I schedule a consultation?

A: Options include:

  • in person: stop in the Writing Studio, located on the second floor of the USF Library during regularly scheduled Writing Studio hours
  • over the phone: call the Writing Studio at (813) 974-8293

 Q: How Many Appointments Can I Schedule?

A: Writers are limited to one appointment per week. Please e-mail writingstudio@usf.edu to request multiple appointments. 

 Q: What Should I Bring to my Appointment?


  • Bring all relevant materials (drafts, feedback, rubrics, assignment sheets, etc.).
  • Two  (or more) questions about the assignment to discuss with your consultant.

 Q: What Writing Project can I Bring to the Writing Studio?


  • course writing assignments (papers, lab reports, outlines, book reports, literature reviews, articles for publication, theses, dissertations, discussion board writing, etc.)
  • professional genres (resumes, CVs, cover letters, personal statements, scholarship essays, etc.)
  • digital writing (portfolios, presentations/speeches, PowerPoints, videos, etc.)

 Q: Can I Receive Help on APA, MLA, or Other Writing Styles?


  • While consultations will not focus exclusively on Writing Styles, during the course of a session, consultants will work with the writer to model how to problem solve these questions.
  • Please visit Lynda.com (visit my.usf.edu and hover over "Learning & Teaching Tools") for video tutorials on writing style formatting assistance.
  • ETD assistance, please visit the ETD Resource Center in the Office of Graduate Studies.

 Q: Can Students with Disabilities get accommodations in the Studio?


  • For writers who are registered with SDS, the Writing Studio provides reasonable accommodations in line with SDS recommendations.
  • Please contact Dr. Kristen Gay, the Assistant Director of the Writing Studio, to set up an accommodated consultation.

 Q: Can I Have a Consultation on a Group Project?


  • Consultations on group writing projects (i.e., a group is writing one document together) require all group members to be present for the consultation.

 Q: How do I Cancel or Reschedule My Appointment?


  • Appointments must be cancelled by phone at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise it will count as a "missed" session.
  • After 2 missed appointments, writers may lose their Studio privileges for the remainder of the semester.

 If you still have questions about our services, please send an email to writingstudio@usf.edu or call us at 813.974.8293.