Writing Studio


What Writing Projects Can I Bring to a Consultation?

Consultants can focus on assignments from all USF courses, regardless of academic discipline, including research papers, lab reports, creative writing, discussion boards, and more. Students are also welcome to bring professional writing projects (resumés, cover letters, personal statements, etc.) to the Studio for feedback. Regardless of what you’re working on, Writing Studio consultants can help you at any stage in the writing process. Whether you’re looking for a second set of eyes on your final draft or you’re trying to nail down a strong thesis statement, we want to help you take your writing to the next level. You don’t even need to come with a full draft! We are happy to help you brainstorm.

What Help Can I Receive on APA, MLA, or Other Writing Styles?

The Studio can provide assistance and resources for students looking to strengthen their understanding of APA, MLA, or Chicago Style. We can help with in-text citations, reference pages, and other general formatting questions students may have.

We do not offer consultations on formatting in processing programs like Word or ETD formatting at this time. For writers who have such questions, we recommend that you visit Lynda.com (visit my.usf.edu and hover over "Learning & Teaching Tools") for video tutorials on writing style formatting assistance, or, for ETD assistance, please visit the ETD Resource Center in the Office of Graduate Studies.

 What Should I Do to Prepare for an Online Consultation?

  • If you'd like to share any materials with your consultant, have them ready to share at the start of your session (for instance, some students like to share drafts, feedback, rubrics, assignment sheets, etc.).
  • See the Appointments page for more detailed information.

 How Many Appointments Can I Schedule?

Appointments are limited to one appointment per week, available on a first-come, first-served basis. You may schedule an appointment up to two weeks in advance. Additionally, please note the following:

  • For all scheduled appointments, if you do not arrive by :10 past the hour, your appointment may be given to another writer.

 Can I Have a Consultation on a Group Project?

Yes! Please let us know if you are planning to schedule a group consultation, since we will want to set up the session to allow for multiple users.

Note that consultations for group writing projects (i.e., a group is writing one paper together) require all group members to be present for the consultation.

 What Happens If I Can't Come to My Consultation, and I Need to Cancel and/or Reschedule?

  • Please email the Writing Studio at writingstudio@usf.edu or cancel your appointment in WC Online at least 24 hours in advance. It is important that you cancel your appointment as soon as possible to allow other students to reserve the session if you cannot attend. 
  • Students who miss 3+ appointments in one semester may lose their Writing Studio privileges for the remainder of the semester.
  • Please be aware that canceled appointments may count toward the Studio's one-appointment-per-week allowance.