Writing Studio

Service - Learning Course

ENG 4907 Writing Center Theory & Practice (spring 2021)

Interested in becoming a Writing Studio consultant? Ask your advisor about registering for ENG 4907! This course will prepare students to become Writing Center consultants by training them in best practices and major theories within Writing Center studies. Students will gain insight into writing in the disciplines and academic writing conventions as they function at USF. Through extensive training in outlining, peer review, discussion of scholarly sources, metacognition, and application of tutoring methods, students will become skilled readers, composers, and reviewers of student and professional texts. They will become experts at giving incisive, constructive feedback that helps other students develop as writers. They will also develop their collaborative writing and multimodal composing skills, as well as familiarize themselves with the literature review genre.

The course is offered each spring semester and is taught by Dr. Kristen Gay, the Assistant Director of the ASC. Students from all majors are welcomed! For more details, please contact Dr. Gay directly at kristengay@usf.edu.