Writing Studio

ENG 4907

ENG 4907 Writing Center Theory & Practice (OFFERED EACH SPRING SEMESTER)

Interested in becoming a Writing Studio consultant? Ask your advisor about registering for ENG 4907! 

This course will prepare students to become effective writing consultants by training them in best practices and major theories within Writing Center studies. More specifically, the course focuses on honing the skills of writing, reading, research, and peer review in addition to highlighting applications of these skills in a range of tutoring contexts. We will explore such topics as goal setting, structuring consultations, asking good questions, prioritizing feedback, encouraging students to take an active role in the session, navigating unfamiliar genres and disciplines, and adapting one's approach when needed. Together, we will cultivate a toolkit of strategies for one-to-one and small group consultations. Finally, we will pay attention to stylistic matters and how writers can make strategic choices to elevate their writing and its impact. Students will develop an advanced understanding of academic writing that will serve them well in their academic, professional, and personal pursuits.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be eligible to apply for writing consultant positions for the upcoming school year. Note that course completion does not guarantee a position in the Writing Studio, as there is still an application process and open spots might be limited. 


The course is offered each spring semester and is taught by a Writing Studio staff member. Students from all majors are welcomed! For more details, please contact the Writing Studio at writingstudio@usf.edu.