How Well Are You?

Assess your Financial Wellness

How well do you manage your money? Financial wellness involves setting priorities for the expenses in your life and managing those expenses within your means.

Read the following statements and answer to yourself how much each statement reflects you.

  1. My financial situation does not cause me stress.
  2. I am satisfied where I am today, financially.
  3. I plan my budget to the point where I can save money on the side.
  4. I have insurance to cover 'big' expenses resulting in loss of health, property, or life.
  5. I know exactly how much debt I have (if applicable).
  6. I pay off my credit card bills in a timely matter.
  7. I do not use loans irresponsibly and only take them out if absolutely necessary.
  8. I keep financial documents and records organized so I can find them easily.
  9. If I want a friend to go to eat with me, even if they cannot afford to, I do not pressure them to go.
  10. I am not pressured to spend money by friends.

If you answer “sometimes,” “rarely,” or “never” for any of the statements, there is room for improvement. You can check out these campus resources for help. 

I am interested in...


1. Money Management

Money management refers to how you handle all of your finances, from budgeting to investing, to saving and setting goals.

Learn more about Money Management

2. #Bull2BullReduceYourDebtChallenge

College debt grows faster than a radioactive monster in a retro comic book! It lurks just out of sight, but it is always there, threatening to take your money hostage now and in the future. POW! Fight back by joining forces with Zero the Hero! The super powerful zero on a mission to reduce your debt to the lowest amount possible.

Learn more about #Bull2BullReduceYourDebtChallenge

3. Student Loans

How much is too much? How much is too little? Student loans may be necessary to fund your college experience. Let us help you make that decision!

Learn more about Student Loans

4. Identity Theft Prevention

Identity theft affects the lives of 17.6 million people a year. Educate yourself on ways that you can protect yourself from fraud!

Learn more about Identity Theft Prevention

5. Cost Calculator

Use our Cost Calculator to get an estimate of your college expenses. It will take about 10 minutes to crunch the numbers, but you will be able to understand how much your USF education will cost and what options are available if you need more funding.

Learn more about the Cost Calculator


Self-Assessments provided by:

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