Gallery Pages

Creating Gallery Pages

Please note: Only Content Managers can request gallery pages. Gallery Pages are created by the UCM Digital Team.

  1. Fill out the information on the first screen of the CMS Support Intake Form.
  2. After clicking the "" button, choose the "Request Gallery Page(s)" option.
  3. Please include any/all site link(s) and/or breadcrumb path(s) for the new location(s) and its accompanying page name(s) associated with your request.
    1. If more information is needed, please explain in the text field.
    2. Please include any/all documents, screenshots, etc., that will be helpful when fulfilling your request (if applicable).
  4. A UCM Digital Team member will field the request and create the new Gallery Page(s) for you.
  5. A new ticket will be created and you will be alerted when the page(s) have been created via a message sent to your USF email (