Academic Support and engagement activities through Undergraduate Studies programs.

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Undergraduate Studies (UGS) is here to support and enhance the student experience from pre-college to college and beyond. We want to ensure students have the tools they need to navigate and make the academic journey an invigorating one. Students can utilize any of these throughout their education.

UGS supports student’s academic progression with studying skills, tutoring, writing assistance, creative thinking, exploring career possibilities, and high impact practices like global learning, and undergraduate research.

Academic Success Center (ASC)

The Academic Success Center (ASC) offers a variety of academic support services. All tutors and consultants are trained and certified in their area of expertise.

  • Study skills tutoring enables students to reflect on their personal study habits and strengthen effective study strategies such as time management, note taking, test taking, reading strategies, and procrastination. Appointments can be made with Study Skill Mentors to ensure students stay on track.

  • The university has partnered with an online tutoring service, TutorMe. Students can access this online tutoring through the link above and signing on using their Net ID.  Through the Tutoring Hub where trained and certified tutors offer course specific tutoring. The Tutoring Hub also offers REA 2604 Strategic Learning course where students can access themselves as learners and develop a customized approach for study skills, time management, and more.

  • The Writing Studio, offers writing resources and appointments with writing consultants. Consultations are focused on the student’s goal of the project and they collaborate on the writing challenge that student is encountering.

Academic Programs

  • For first year students, the course IDS2378 Foundations of Interdisciplinary Knowledge and Inquiry gives students the opportunity to connect with new friends in a small-classroom setting. Here students can prepare for their future careers by practicing critical thinking skills, learn to problem-solve by integrating knowledge from a variety of disciplines, collaborate with others in and outside of class, and more.
  • First-year students may be undecided on their career direction. The Exploratory Curriculum a special section of IDS2378 offers self-discovery, career exploration, interviewing professionals in the chosen field, and advising. This course is offered on all three campuses.  

High Impact Practices and Undergraduate Research

  • As a research university, students have extensive opportunities to learn about and engage in researchwhether working with a faculty member or pursuing their own research opportunities. The Office of Undergraduate Research guides students through these opportunities by offering research workshops, connecting students and faculty, and providing an annual conference to showcase the work they have done.
  • As a high impact practice, Global Citizens Project, offers students meaningful interactions as they learn about diverse people and cultures, places, events, and global challenges. By engaging in fun, interactive, global learning experiences students can earn the Global Citizen’s Award by meeting the programs requirements.
  • Offered several times a year, Operation: Global Action is a four-week interdisciplinary and immersive experience focused on global issues. This program inspires students to take action regarding global challenges.

UGS offers broad reaching programs that equip students of all backgrounds and needs, including support services for student athletes, veterans, first generation/low income, out-of-state and international, at-risk, adults returning to college, transfer students, and ROTC programming.