About Us



USF Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) will be the leader in the establishment of a culture of safety, compliance, and risk management throughout all USF operations.


USF Environmental Health and Safety supports the mission of the University, including the promotion of the success of students and the advancement of research, by protecting life, property, and the environment.

EH&S promotes the principles of safety, environmental compliance, and risk management and assists the university community in achieving these outcomes through education, hazard assessment, exposure mitigation, and the responsible management of hazardous materials.


Service- We are the service center for the environmental health and safety needs of USF customers. We are timely and thorough in response to requests for services, and we attempt to anticipate the needs of our customers, offering proactive and flexible solutions.

Credibility- We strive for excellence in service and accuracy. We maintain the trust and respect of our customers by upholding standards of professionalism in all of our actions, including verbal and written communications, and leading by example through our commitment to safety, environmental compliance, and risk management.

Integrity – We uphold the highest ethical standards in all of our operations.  We are honest and forthright with our customers and with each other.  We strictly adhere to all regulatory requirements, policies, and procedures in our operations and assist others in the USF community in maintaining compliance within their operations.

Collaboration – We work as partners with others in the USF community to develop mutually agreeable and compliant solutions to safety, environmental, and risk management issues.  We cultivate positive relationships with our customers and make ourselves approachable to those seeking our guidance.

Efficiency – We continually examine our processes to identify better ways to accomplish our goals.