Fire Safety

Emergency Evacuation

Fire and Emergency Evacuation Drills

Fire and emergency evacuation drills are required annually in all USF System high-hazard buildings (buildings with fire alarms) in accordance with the Florida Fire Prevention Code, Florida Statutes and USF System Policy #6-025.  The purpose of the fire drill is to educate occupants on proper actions to take in the event of an actual fire or other building emergency.  During a drill, all occupants must evacuate the building and the drill must be evaluated for effectiveness.

Fire drills will be scheduled by facility managers during normal business hours and will be facilitated by representatives from Environmental Health and Safety, University Police, and building maintenance.  In some cases, facility managers may request assistance from certain building occupants during the evacuation.

Initially, facility managers may choose to notify building occupants prior to an evacuation drill.  Eventually, drills will be unannounced and will simulate actual emergency conditions.

In the event that an alarm is activated in your building, leave the building immediately via the nearest exit.  If you cannot evacuate due to a disability, move to the nearest area of refuge/rescue (typically a stairwell landing).  Treat all alarm activations as actual emergencies.

The following documents provide additional information that will assist in the execution of a successful fire drill: