Fire Safety

Hot Work Permit

Hot work is any operation involving open flames or producing heat and/or sparks. This includes, but is not limited to: welding and allied processes, hot mopping, heat treating, grinding, thawing pipe, the use of power-driven fasteners, hot riveting, and similar applications. These operations create heat, sparks, and hot slag that have the potential to ignite flammable and combustible materials in the surrounding areas.

Florida Fire Prevention Code requires a permit for all hot work operations. OSHA requires contractors to initiate this permit for hot work and for a permit-authorizing individual (PAI) to be designated to oversee hot work operations and to authorize hot work permits. The PAI cannot be the hot work operator, that is, the person doing the work.

EH&S issues Hot Work Permits for the University of South Florida system.  Anyone requiring a permit must make application forty-eight (48) hours before the start of work.  The Hot Work Permit should be submitted to EH&S for approval, as specified on the Hot Work Permit form. The Fire Safety Manager, or designated EH&S representative, will perform a safety inspection of the work area prior to the start of work.

The EH&S signed permit shall be valid for the time(s) and date(s) stated on the form.  The completed Hot Work Permit should be posted in the area of hot work for the duration of the activity.

Hot Work Permit