Fire Safety



Event: A scheduled activity open for the public to attend or participate including but not limited to exhibitions, expositions, fairs, festivals, entertainment, cause-related, fundraising, leisure activity. An activity that is advertised to the public by any communication means including social media that is not limited to the USF community is considered an event. An event may be a one-time or periodic, free or ticketed, educational, charitable or communication related hosted to attract revenue, support, awareness, and/or provide entertainment created by and/or for the public that will require review to ensure appropriate allocation of university business, resources, and personnel as required for the safe operation and mission of the university.

Below are links to an Event Safety Manual, University policies and other pertinent information on events. The Event Safety Manual will acquaint you with the University requirements for safe events.

EH&S and University Police reserve the right to disapprove any event at any time, even if previously approved, due to circumstances that could create a hazard.