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Mercury Thermometer Exchange


Free Thermometers!

EH&S is happy to announce the availability of a one-for-one exchange of mercury thermometers being used in your lab. The replacement thermometers are provided at NO COST to your lab.  You must exchange one mercury thermometer for each non-mercury replacement purchased by EH&S.  EH&S will dispose of all unwanted mercury thermometers for free.  To participate, complete the Mercury Thermometer Exchange Application.  You may select a new non-mercury thermometer from Fisher Scientific

Once your thermometer selections have arrived, EH&S will coordinate a date with you to conduct the exchange.  Each request will be reviewed by EH&S prior to the purchase being made and the exchange will only include thermometers that are used for routine laboratory functions such as water baths, ambient air temperatures, incubators, refrigerator temperatures, calibrations, etc.  Non-mercury thermometers are accurate, safe for people, and safe for the environment.  Make the switch today!