Laboratory Safety


The mission of the USF Laboratory Safety Program is to assist laboratories, shops, and art studios in maintaining safe and compliant operations by advising and training on applicable federal, state, and local regulations, the USF Chemical Hygiene Plan, and safe practices.

Safety and Compliance Inspections

EH&S Laboratory Safety Specialists meet with lab personnel to conduct inspections of research and teaching laboratories. Each lab supervisor receives a written summary of any deficiencies found and how to correct them.

Chemical Hygiene Plan

Lab Safety Quick Reference Guide


Lab personnel must receive EH&S Laboratory and Research Safety Training every year.  Safety training must also be provided by the supervisor on research-specific topics before work begins.  Other types of training may also be required depending on the type of work being conducted.  See the EH&S Training page for more information and to register for training courses.

Hazardous Inventory Tracking System (HITS)

The Hazardous Inventory Tracking System (HITS) was developed as a comprehensive chemical inventory control system.  HITS provides real-time chemical inventory information to users and emergency responders, allows lab personnel to access important chemical safety information, and facilitates efficient and compliant disposal of chemical waste.

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