Laboratory Safety



Research Integrity and Compliance(RIC) offers a Biosafety Core course for persons who will use/store recombinant DNA, infectious agents, select agents, and biological toxins or work where these materials are used/stored.

Biomedical Waste

Biomedical waste (BMW) includes needles and anything that is infectious to humans . Biomedical waste can be kept in the lab for no more than 30 days in an impervious metal or plastic container lined with a red bag. Sharps must be kept in special red plastic sharps containers. Bags and containers must be purchased by the lab.


USF contracts with a vendor, Stericycle, to pick up biomedical waste. Each lab deposits full containers in a central collection area in their building.


Only clean up a spill yourself if you have proper knowledge of the material and proper protective equipment. Spills should be decontaminated following standard procedure and reported.