Laboratory Safety


How to Recognize Hazards

There are many resources available to find out how dangerous a material is and what protection is needed.


Chemicals must be segregated by hazard class to avoid a dangerous reaction.


Never dispose of any chemical in the trash or down the drain. This includes chemicals that are mixed with biomedical waste. Some materials, such as solder and mercury-containing lamps, are also hazardous waste. To schedule a pickup of your hazardous waste you will need to do it through the HITS system.


Never proceed to clean up a spill if you do not know the hazards associated with the chemical or if you are unsure of how to clean up the spill. Contact EH&S for spill assistance at 813-974-4036.

Hurricane Safety: How to Prepare your Lab

During the summer months in Florida Hurricane Safety is something to keep in mind. The flyer to the right will provide laboratories with a pathway to safety for your equipment, security, biological and chemical hazards.