Laboratory Safety

DOT Hazard Class Information

DOT Graphic 

These are labels or placards that convey hazard information for containers or shipments of hazardous materials. Each label has a characteristic color pattern, pictogram, and hazard class number. There are nine different hazard classes under DOT.  Click on the links below to see examples for each hazard class. 

DOT Hazard Classes
Hazard Class Division Label Description
Class 1 1.1-1.6 Orange Explosives
Class 2 2.1 red Flammable Gases
2.2 green Non-Flammable Gases
2.3 white Poison/Toxic Gases
Class 3 n/a red Flammable Liquids
Class 4 4.1 red striped Flammable Solids

white top, red bottom

Spontaneously Combustible Materials
4.3 blue Dangerous When Wet
Class 5 5.1 yellow Oxidizers
5.2 red top, yellow bottom Organic peroxides
Class 6 6.1 white Poison/Toxic
6.1 white Keep Away From Foodstuffs
6.2 white Infectious Substance
Class 7 n/a yellow top. white bottom Radioactive
Class 8 n/a white top, black bottom Corrosive
Class 9 n/a black-striped top, white bottom Miscellaneous