Laboratory Safety

Lab Clean-out Form

At the University of South Florida, a laboratory clean-out is defined as the removal of an excess amount of unwanted, unused, abandoned, or expired chemicals from a laboratory. This procedure will help minimize risk of exposure to lab personnel & Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) personnel when removing chemicals due to potential spills or reactions and minimize disposal costs due to disposal in bulk quantities.

A lab clean-out must be requested when a large number of chemicals (greater than 20) need to be removed from a lab. This is usually needed when labs are closing down their operations, moving to another location, or have an excess amount of chemicals not being used. This procedure should not be used for routine hazardous waste pick-ups. For more information about lab clean-outs, refer to the following:

If you have between 20 and 100 chemical containers to be picked up for disposal, use the Lab Clean-out Form* to request disposal. If you have less than 20 containers, use the normal waste disposal request system in HITS. If you have more than 100 chemicals to dispose, contact a Hazardous Waste Specialist to determine if the form needs to be completed.

After clicking "Submit," the form will close and an EH&S Specialist will contact you for scheduling within 3 days business days. Please allow 2-3 weeks for EH&S to effectively prepare for and complete your laboratory clean-out.

*Note: This form uses macros and your Outlook email client to send the completed form to EH&S. You may have to enable macros upon opening the file.  If you don't use Outlook, don't want to enable macros, or you have problems sending the file, save it to your computer and email it to