Laboratory Safety


A standard operating procedure (SOP) is a detailed, written set of procedures that explains how to use and manage hazardous chemicals, processes, and procedures to prevent or minimize health and safety concerns. 

According to the USF Chemical Hygiene Plan, SOPs must be developed for hazardous chemicals, processes, and procedures and be used to train laboratory, studio, and workshop personnel.  The scope of an SOP may include:

  • a specific process or type of equipment,
  • a specific chemical, or
  • a group of chemicals of the same hazard class.

The hazardous chemicals in the chart below must have an SOP

The templates below are offered to assist in SOP development. Please note that you should not cut and paste from the SOPs provided below without reviewing the content first.  SOPs should be customized for your specific laboratory, studio, or workshop operations. If you have an example of an SOP that you developed using one of the templates below, and you would like to share it, please submit it to

Chemical SOPs



Machines & tools SOPs