Tobacco Free


When did USF Tampa become tobacco and smoke free?

The new policy went into effect on January 4, 2016. The campus became entirely smoke and tobacco free. The designated smoking areas were converted to smoke free areas and no smoking or tobacco products, including e-cigarettes may be used anywhere on campus.

Who is affected by this policy?

We expect everyone - students, faculty, staff, visitors, volunteers, contractors and vendors – to refrain from smoking or using tobacco products on campus. We are also asking the USF community to support the initiative by educating others about the policy and its expectations.

I’m a member of the staff union does this policy apply to me?

Yes, employees in the staff union are expected to not smoke while on USF property.

Where does the Tobacco and Smoke-Free Policy apply?

The Tobacco and Smoke-Free Policy applies to all properties owned and/or under the control of USF Tampa. This includes all buildings, stairwells, patios, sidewalks, parking lots and garages, on-campus streets and driveways, boardwalks, bus stops and shelters and exterior open spaces. Furthermore, smoking and tobacco use are prohibited in all university owned vehicles and golf carts. There are no places on campus to smoke or use tobacco products.

Why are e-cigarettes prohibited by this policy?

The policy includes tobacco and all tobacco-derived products. Therefore, since e-cigarettes contain nicotine, which is derived from tobacco, they are prohibited.

Why is smokeless tobacco prohibited by this policy?

USF hopes to decrease the amount of smokers turning to smokeless tobacco. Smokeless tobacco is found to be just as harmful, and does not help smokers quit smoking.

Are students, faculty and staff required to quit using tobacco products?

No, the university only requires people to not use tobacco while they are on USF campus.

For those who are ready to quit, there are treatments available for all community members. For additional tobacco cessation help please refer to the “How Do I Quit” page.

What do I do if I see someone smoking or using tobacco products on campus?

The tobacco free campus initiative is designed to encourage behavioral change, healthy lifestyles and an improved outdoor experience, not to punish those who use tobacco. Our hope is that the community will respect the University's policy and, as expected with all policies, follow its requirements. As with any policy, consequences for violating it could arise based on the nature, repeat behavior or severity of the incident. To report an incident, use the tobacco incident reporting tool.