Tobacco Free

How Do I Quit?

Are you ready to quit smoking? You don't have to do it alone, and there are many free smoking cessation resources available to help you quit. USF supports current smokers who wish to quit by offering free cessation programs. Quitting tobacco is difficult, and to overcome these difficulties strong support is needed. USF is committed to overcoming these difficulties alongside current tobacco users. Here are some resources that can help you in your journey to become tobacco free.

There are three ways to receive help quitting tobacco: online, by phone, or in-person.

Campus Resources (Available to all)

Community Cessation Resources
The Area Health Education Center (AHEC) provides free tobacco cessation services in your area. The overall goal of the AHEC Tobacco Training & Cessation Program known as the IQUIT Program, is to strengthen the capacity of Florida's healthcare system to deliver effective evidence-based tobacco use treatment, and prevention services throughout the state.

Gulf Coast North Area Health Education Center
GNAHEC connects students to careers, professionals to communities and communities to better health. We inspire, train, recruit and retain a diverse and broad range of health professionals to practice in communities where the need is greatest.
Quitting is about more than just not smoking. When you join our program, a Quit Coach® will help you become an expert in living without tobacco using "The 4 Essential Practices to Quit For Life," principles based on 25 years of research and experience helping people quit tobacco.

Tobacco Free Florida
Tobacco Free Florida's mission is to protect the people of Florida from the dangers of tobacco.

Tobacco Education
One of the keys to a successful quit is preparation. A great way to prepare to quit smoking is to create a quit plan. can help!

College Tobacco Free Campus Initiative
Tobacco use is the leading cause of premature and preventable death, responsible for 480,000 deaths a year in the United States. Tobacco addiction begins almost exclusively among youth and young adults. The 2012 Surgeon General's Report shows that 99% of smokers begin smoking and using other forms of tobacco by age 26, making college and university campuses a critical target for tobacco use prevention and cessation efforts.

Tobacco Free Life 
The Tobacco-Free Life Organization is a leading organization with a mission to save lives by ending worldwide disease, damage and death caused by tobacco. This is accomplished through research, education and advocacy.