Freshmen Admissions Scholarships

Non-Florida Resident Scholarships

The University of South Florida Office of Admissions gives over 10,000 merit-based awards annually to admitted first-time-in-college students. USF will automatically consider individuals for competitive merit-based scholarships when they submit and complete the freshman application for Summer or Fall 2024 by January 15, 2024. 


  • Consideration for merit awards is based on the same academic records used for admission and residency status.
  • No additional applications are required as all accepted students are automatically considered for our admissions merit scholarships.
  • Merit-based awards are limited; therefore, we encourage students to complete their application by the January 15 deadline.
  • Students may also be eligible for additional financial assistance after completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).


  • Students are notified of their award via postal mail and can monitor their financial aid package via the OASIS student portal after we release initial admissions decisions.


Non-Florida Residents

  • Out-of-State Waivers: Out-of-state, merit-based tuition reduction waivers are awarded to a limited number of admitted first-year students who are not Florida residents. Out-of-state reduction awards are disbursed as waivers that decrease the total cost of attendance but only apply toward out-of-state tuition. These awards cannot be used toward other cost of attendance expenses (housing, meals, books) at the University of South Florida. They will pay up to the amount of the award, but if the student is enrolled in fewer course credits, the waiver may pay less than the amount awarded. If a student's residency is updated to in-state for tuition purposes after enrollment, the merit-based tuition waiver will no longer apply, the award will be canceled and it will not replaced by a Florida resident award.
    • Please note: The out-of-state, merit-based tuition reduction waivers cannot be combined with another tuition-wavier scholarship (USF Grandparent Waiver or Green and Gold Talent Award) since both scholarships waive the same portion of non-resident tuition. 
  • Green and Gold Presidential Waiver Award

  • Green and Gold Directors Waiver Award

  • Green and Gold Scholars Waiver Award

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