Biomolecule Transformations and Analysis

Faculty Involved in This Research Area
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Bill Baker 

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Natural product discovery

Jianfeng Cai 

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Synthesis of novel peptidomimetics

Theresa Evans-Nguyen 

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Development and application of mass spectrometry

Ioannis Gelis 

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NMR to characterize fundamental celluar processes

Randy Larsen  Chemistry and sustainability
Abdul Malik  Seperations chemistry
David Merkler 

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Identification and characterization of fatty acid amides

Li-june Ming 

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Spectroscopic methods for the study of hydrolytic chemistry

Chavdar Slavov  

light-triggered conformational dynamics of biomolecules

Arjan van der Vaart 

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Computational biophysical chemistry

Lee Woodcock 

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Developing and employing computational methodologies to solve problems in chemistry