Drug Discovery and Medicinal Chemistry

Faculty Involved in This Research Area
Faculty Member Office Location Lab Location Email Description
Bill Baker
  • BSF 308
  • BSF 358
  • BSF 362   N/A
Kirpal Bisht
  • SCA 403
  • SCA 434
  • SCA 438   N/A
Jiangfeng Cai
  • NES 408B
  • NES 405
  • NES 406
  • NES 407  Design, Synthesis and investigation of bioactive peptidomimetics; development of novel biomaterials; development of novel molecular probes and drug candidates; protein and nucleic acid surface recognition and modulation of protein-protein interactions.
Juan Del Valle
  • NES 331A
N/A  Our laboratory is actively engaged in the organic synthesis of peptide mimcs, natural products, and their cogeners.  These compounds are used to probe molecular recognition events and to target disease-relevant pathways.  We are particularly fascinated by the impact of structurally complex amino acids on conformation and bioactivity.
Ioannis Gelis
  • SCA 430
N/A   N/A
Wayne Guida
  • CHE 205E
N/A   N/A
James Leahy  N/A N/A   N/A
Xiaopeng Li
  • BSF 306
  • BSF 357
  • BSF 359  Dr. Li's research activites are focused on the supramolecular chemistry based on coordination-driven self-assembly.  His research group is centered on the design, synthesis and self-assembly of giant metallo-supramolecules with increasing complexity and diversity for the development of functional materials with high performance.
Justin Lopchuk
  • Moffitt Cancer Center
N/A  Our research program is grounded in synthetic organic chemistry with a specific focus on the development of new reactions, the design of new reagents, and the total synthesis of natural products with anti-cancer activity.  In collaboration with other research groups at Moffitt, we will apply our chemistry to synthesize chemical probes designed to interrogate the function of key oncoproteins and immune-regulatory proteins, while ultimately seeking to develop these probes and lead compounds into novel anti-cancer drugs.
David Merkler
  • BSF 307
N/A   N/A
Li-june Ming
  • BSF 303
  • BSF 303   N/A
Xiaodong (Michael) Shi
  • BSF 310
N/A   N/A
Edward Turos
  • NES 330B
  • NES 329
  • NES 330   N/A
Arjan van der Vaart
  • IDRB 206A
  • IDRB 206   N/A
Lee Woodcock
  • IDRB 204
N/A   N/A