Drug Discovery and Medicinal Chemistry

Faculty Involved in This Research Area
Faculty Member Email Description
Bill Baker   N/A
Kirpal Bisht   N/A
Jiangfeng Cai  Bioactive peptidomimetics & the development of novel biomaterials
Ioannis Gelis   N/A
Wayne Guida   N/A
James Leahy   N/A
Xiaopeng Li  Supramolecular chemistry based on coordination-driven self-assembly
Justin Lopchuk  Novel reactions, reagents, & synthesis of natural products with anti-cancer activity
David Merkler   N/A
Li-june Ming   N/A
Andrii Monastyrskyi  N/A
Xiaodong (Michael) Shi   N/A
Edward Turos   N/A
Arjan van der Vaart   N/A
Lee Woodcock  Computing free energies of biological systems & engineering systems to biologically recycle plastic waste