Molecular Catalysis

Faculty Member Office Location Lab Location Email Description 
Kirpal Bisht
  • SCA 403
  • SCA 434
  • SCA 438   N/A
Jianfeng Cai
  • NES 408B
  • NES 405
  • NES 406
  • NES 407  Design, synthesis and investigation of bioactive peptidomimetics; development of novel biomaterials; development of novel molecular probes and drug candidates; protein and nucleic acid surface recognition and modulation of protien-protien interactions.
Randy Larsen
  • SCA 424
  • SCA 413
  • SCA 414   N/A
Xiaopeng Li
  • BSF 306
  • BSF 357
  • BSF 359  Dr. li's research activities are focused on supramolecular chemistry based on coordination-driven self-assembly of giant metallo-supramolecules with increasing complexity and diversity for the development of functional materials with high-performance.
Shengqian Ma
  • IDRB 202G
  •  IDRB 211  The research of our group aims to engineering the nanospace of advanced porous materials (including metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), porous organic polymers (POPs), covalent organic frameworks (COFs), porous organic cages, microporous carbon materials) for energy/enviromental/biological-related applications.
David Merkler
  • BSF 307
 N/A   N/A
Li-June Ming
  • BSF 303
  •  BSF 303   N/A
Xiaodong (Michael) Shi
  • BSF 310
 N/A  The research in Dr. Shi's group is focused on organic synthesis, material chemistry, bioorganic chemistry and catalysis. Current projects include: 1) new synthesis, material chemistry; 2) organometallic chemistry; 3) supramolecular and polymer materials and 4) biomedicinal chemistry
Lee Woodcock
  • IDRB 204
N/A   N/A